4 Key Characteristics Of A Great Commercial Painting Contractor

Finding an ideal commercial painting contractor partner isn’t easy these days. With a huge amount of information out there on review websites, Google, Houzz and others, it can be hard to find unbiased information to help you make your decision. So what do you do?

We’ve compiled four key characteristics of a great commercial painting contractor to help you make your decision. Happy hunting!

1. Flexible

A great commercial painting contractor is flexible enough to paint around your businesses’ schedule. You shouldn’t need to shut your business down to have it painted. An excellent commercial painter will have the staffing and resources to get the job done without disrupting the flow of business.

2. Respectful

A professional commercial painting contractor will be respectful of your property. You’re running a business, and you have clients and employees to care for. If the painter doesn’t clean up after themselves or blocks off vital areas when they’re most needed, your employees, clients and bottom line will suffer.

A respectful commercial painter will work with your team to make sure these things don’t happen, and will clean up after themselves thoroughly.

3. Experienced

Of course, the best commercial painting contract will have lots of experience. If the company you’re considering doesn’t have a website or social media profiles they probably aren’t experienced enough to handle your project.

Also be sure to check out their photos either on their website, on Houzz, Pinterest, Facebook or other sites to see if they’ve documented their work on other commercial buildings or businesses, and whether you like what they’ve done.

4. Customer Service-Oriented

To determine if a great commercial painting contractor is customer service-oriented, look at their reviews. This is one of the most important ways to determine how a business treats their clients. If possible, find reviews for the commercial painters you’re interested in on popular sites such as a Facebook page, Houzz profile or on their Google listing.

With that said, please be sure to check out our reviews, stop by our Houzz, Pinterest and Facebook pages, and contact us for your commercial painting needs!