How Interior Paint Colors Communicate To Clients [Part 2]: Reds

Welcome to part two of our series on interior paint colors! Whether you need to redecorate your office space or redesign a retail area, the interior paint color you choose will communicate information subconsciously to your clients or employees, which can greatly influence their emotions and behavior.

While colors often trigger the same emotions in most people, there can definitely be variations in reactions. Different cultures and different backgrounds can change the way people react to colors, so take any generalizations about color with a grain of salt.

Today, we’ll take a deeper look at red hues and how they affect mood. Be sure to continue to check our blog for more interior paint color analysis, and let us know if you need assistance with your commercial interior paint project!

What Red Makes Clients Feel

Red generally brings about energy and excitement, bringing moods up. Be careful though, as it can actually raise some people’s blood pressure and make hearts beat faster, which may not be the response you’re looking for.

Because red is associated with desire and passion, it’s excellent for restaurants and grocers, as well as technology companies and even certain retailers, like clothing, lingerie or technology.

The closer your red tone gets to pink, the more calming of an effect it will have. The darker the red, the more passionate and excited it makes people. Too dark of a red across a large area may make the room feel much darker and closed in than it really is, as well.

Red by Anqa

Red Interior Paint

Industries We Suggest Red Interior Paint For

Red is supposed to enhance our appetite (desire), so it’s often used for restaurants and food packing companies. It can be used to great effect in dining areas or grocery sections and impulse buy areas.

In general, the excitement and desire attributes of red have worked well for technology, food and consumer product companies (think McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Heinz, Dairy Queen, Hardees, Nabisco, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Netflix, Canon, Toyota, ESPN, Virgin, Marlboro)

Which Reds Are Popular Now

Many paint manufacturers show red staying steady in popularity in 2017. The trend is toward earth tones and the orange-side of red. Popular shades through Sherwin-Williams this year have been:

  • Coral Bells (slightly toward the orange side of red); and,
  • Show Stopper (pure, bold red).