Installing Ceramic Carpet At Lakewood Health System

Our team had an amazing opportunity recently.

We were chosen to partner with Nor-Son, Inc. for a remodel of Lakewood Health System – Staples Hospital! Nor-Son chose us do something we’ve never done before: ceramic carpet. Ceramic carpet is a quartz flooring system which is extremely durable as well as visually appealing.

This healthcare painting project was bid out in October of 2016, with our work beginning in April. We’ll continue working at Staples Hospital until the Fall of 2018.

This was a completely new challenge for us, and it took some practice to get it right. Let’s take a deeper dive into this project, and how it affects the remodel of the hospital. We spoke with Lynn-Briggette Boerger, president and Jon Boerger, vice president of sales and operations at Colorful Concepts Painting & Custom Finishing.

Hospital emergency beds

Lakewood Health System in Staples, MN

Lakewood Health System has provided healthcare to the Staples-Motley-Pillager areas since 1936. The expansion at the Staples Hospital was first discussed in 2012, with needs for additional patient space, room for more providers, new and remodeled exam rooms, behavioral health treatment rooms and more.

Ceramic Carpet Details


The project was split into two objectives: traditional wall and ceiling painting and the ceramic carpet installation.

Lynn said all wall and ceiling paint was purchased from Sherwin-Williams for this project and customized to Lakewood Health System’s specifications.

Meanwhile, the ceramic carpet is a product of Sherwin-Williams’ General Polymers Division within the Industrial and Marine Division. We’ve used a product called Ceramic Carpet #400 Decorative Broadcast to create the unique flooring at Lakewood. This seamless flooring system is often used in hospital and medical settings because it’s hygienic, stain resistant, resilient and decorative.

Ceramic Carpet #400 has to be applied in multiple coats, with a long cure time in between each coat. Jon took the lead on application, working with one other team member.


For this 1-½ year long project, the number of team members varies wildly depending on the needs of the project. Usually during wall and ceiling painting, we’ll have 1-3 painters on-site at any given time. For the ceramic carpet installation, Jon lead the project along with one general labor team member.


New Techniques

“Anytime our company can learn and accomplish something new, we’re very excited to do it,” Jon stated. “we invite challenge because it requires us constantly learn.”

Having never installed ceramic carpet before, the team practiced installation at the Colorful Concepts facility with Eric Hessen, a Sherwin-Williams adviser.


“The project is spread over many different objectives within the 1-½ year time frame,” Lynn said. “It’s challenging to keep staff available and ready, especially when objectives can and do change. But we’re up to the task.”


Because of the medical setting, it’s important to reduce spread of infection and debris.

“It’s important we do whatever we can to minimize dust and the spread of infections diseases,” Lynn noted. “One example is that all of our team members on the project needed to get flu vaccinations or wear masks at all times.”

Why Nor-Son Chose Colorful Concepts Painting

Nor-Son knows Colorful Concepts Painting & Custom Finishing as a healthcare painting partner who can meet schedules and the demands of large clients, and even take on additional work to help alleviate scheduling changes.

Nor-Son believed in the Colorful Concepts team, knowing that even though we had never installed ceramic carpet before, we had the expertise to pull it off.