How Interior Paint Colors Communicate To Clients {Part 1}: Blues

Welcome to our new series on interior paint colors! Whether you need to redecorate your office space or redesign a retail area, the interior paint color you choose will communicate information subconsciously to your clients or employees, which can greatly influence their emotions and behavior!

Most colors evoke similar emotional responses in most people. However, there aren’t always universal truths about color. People of different cultures may have different thoughts and emotions about certain colors. Also, a person’s past experience can affect feelings about a certain color. Despite the exceptions, there are some basic generalities about how certain colors evoke specific emotional and behavioral responses.

This time, we’ll take a deeper look at blue, but be sure to check our blog later for more interior paint colors! Give us a shout if you’re in need of assistance with your commercial interior paint project!

What Blue Makes Clients Feel

Interestingly, the most common favorite color for both men and women around the world is blue. This may be related to the sky and water tending to be blue, which generally means good things.

Most research says that blue can generally make people feel more relaxed. Blue can become a bit chilly for people though, both emotionally and physically, as blue walls are considered colder to the touch. Balance your blues with warmer colors on the trim and furnishings, or additional natural light.

Keep your interior paint on the lighter side of blue; this can keep those feelings on the up and up, while darker blues can actually begin to drag people down and evoke sadness.

Industries We Suggest Blue Interior Paint For

In general, blue has worked well for technology companies, as well as some food and consumer product companies (think Facebook, Twitter, Dell, Pepsi, Walmart, Ford).

Generally, we suggest blue interior paint for office spaces because it’s less invasive than many other colors, and creates a sense of security and trust.

Which Blues Are Popular Now

Many paint manufacturers, like Sherwin-Williams, have said blue is increasing in popularity in 2017. The trend is toward lighter blues, like sky blue, rather than the darker, heavier blues. Think bright, airy spaces!