How Interior Paint Colors Communicate To Clients {Part 3}: Whites

Welcome to part three of our series on interior paint colors! Whether you need to redecorate your office space or redesign a retail area, the interior paint color you choose will communicate information subconsciously to your clients or employees, which can greatly influence their emotions and behavior.

While colors often trigger the same emotions in most people, there can definitely be variations in reactions. Different cultures and different backgrounds can change the way people react to colors, so take any generalizations about color with a grain of salt.

Today, we’ll take a deeper look at white hues and how they affect mood. Be sure to continue to check our blog for more interior paint color analysis, and let us know if you need assistance with your commercial interior paint project!

What White Makes Clients Feel

In some cases, white can be a refreshing and calming color when combined with brighter colors. Think of white sand and white clouds on a beach, mixed with the blue of the sea and sky. This use of white in combination is a modern, clean look.

Without those bright colors though, white can be seen as very sterile, and in an office space can cause much introspection, leading to feelings of sadness or depression over long periods of time. Too much white used in a retail setting can cause people to be distracted by their own thoughts, and lose focus on your products or services.

If you’re in the health or research field, white can be very beneficial as it conveys cleanliness and sterility to your clients.

In some East Asian cultures, white is also associated with funerals rather than weddings, so keep this in mind.

Industries We Suggest White Interior Paint For

Not many corporations use white as the main color of their logo, but some do use it as a complimentary color or make great use of white space. Some examples are: Cartoon Network, Apple, Wikipedia, The New York Times, Puma and IBM. For the most part these tend to be technology companies though media and sports are also represented.

Those who use white as a main color in their spaces include sterile locations like laboratories, hospitals, pharmacies, etc.

Generally white is great as a background color, and is generally calming for companies.

Which Whites Are Popular Now

Sherwin-Williams “Pure White” has been gaining popularity recently as both a main wall color and accent to other neutrals or blue tones.