How Interior Paint Colors Communicate To Clients [Part 4]: Greens

Welcome to part four of our series on interior paint colors! Whether you need to redecorate your office space or redesign a retail area, the interior paint color you choose will communicate information subconsciously to your clients or employees, which can greatly influence their emotions and behavior.

While colors often trigger the same emotions in most people, there can definitely be variations in reactions. Different cultures and different backgrounds can change the way people react to colors, so take any generalizations about color with a grain of salt.

Today, we’ll take a deeper look at green hues and how they affect mood. Be sure to continue to check our blog for more interior paint color analysis, and let us know if you need assistance with your commercial interior paint project!

What Green Makes Clients Feel

In some cases, green can be a way to bring out a greater variety of thought and help your employees be more creative. Used in a working space, it can relax the mind enough to explore options people hadn’t considered before.

‘Fresh’ shades of green can be used to help stimulate your customers’ appetite in the food industry. These colors communicate freshness and health as well.

When green starts to turn dark and add in hints of browns and other dark colors, people can begin to feel stagnation or sickness in your space. Think of some shades close to avocado or gazpacho.

In general though, green is a positive color linked with nature and growth, either financial growth or environmental growth.

Industries We Suggest Green Interior Paint For

Some companies which currently use green in their branding include: Starbucks, Heineken, BP, John Deere, Xbox, Spotify, Subway, Whole Foods, Fidelity, Mint and more. Many of these companies are related to food and drink, while some are also financial and technology firms. Other organizations include Earth-friendly ones like Animal Planet, the Sierra Club and even the recycling logo.

Which Greens Are Popular Now

Pantone has actually come out with their Color of the Year for 2017, and it’s name is Greenery 15-0343.

For Sherwin-Williams, the best selling green of 2016 was Sea Salt, a very light green verging on blue.