How Interior Paint Colors Communicate To Clients {Part 5}: Grays

Welcome to part five of our series on interior paint colors! Whether you need to redecorate your office space or redesign a retail area, the interior paint color you choose will communicate information subconsciously to your clients or employees, which can greatly influence their emotions and behavior.

While colors often trigger the same emotions in most people, there can definitely be variations in reactions. Different cultures and different backgrounds can change the way people react to colors, so take any generalizations about color with a grain of salt.

Today, we’ll take a deeper look at gray hues and how they affect mood. Be sure to continue to check our blog for more interior paint color analysis, and let us know if you need assistance with your commercial interior paint project!

What Gray Makes Clients Feel

Neutral colors can either be used in a calming way, or as an offset to a more vibrant color palette, a way to feature other colors without taking away. Grays can have either warm or cool undertones, affecting their perception by clients and employees. Incidentally, gray causes the least eye fatigue of any color, and works well to give eyes a break.

Gray is timeless, and can be used to portray strength and a steady hand. Many legacy companies which have been around for decades or centuries begin to utilize gray in different ways.

Too much gray can trigger apathy or sadness, but the right amount can give your company a sturdy foundation to work off of.

Industries We Suggest Gray Interior Paint For

Some companies which currently use green in their branding include: Nissan, Apple, Wikipedia, Wii, Skechers, Swarovski and more. Many of these companies are related to luxury or technology.

Which Grays Are Popular Now

For Sherwin-Williams, designers’ favorite shades of gray include: Agreeable Gray, Chelsea Gray, Cloud, Downpipe, Elephant’s Breath, Iron Mountain and more.

A number of grays feature in Sherwin-WIlliams best sellers list from the past year, including: Gray Screen, Amazing Gray, Functional Gray, Light French Gray and Repose Gray.