Commercial Painting Project | Cornerstone Village II · St. Michael, MN

Recently we were chosen to partner with Sand Companies for the construction of Cornerstone Village II apartments in St. Michael, MN!

This multi-family dwelling project was bid out in June of 2016, with our work beginning in May 2017.

Let’s take a deeper dive into this project, and how the crew were able to pull it off. We spoke with: Lynn-Briggette Boerger, president; Jon Boerger, vice president of sales and operations; Chad Olson, project manager; and, Chris Jensen, operations manager at Colorful Concepts Painting & Custom Finishing.

Commercial painting exterior with JLG lift.]

Cornerstone Village II Apartments in St. Michael, MN

Cornerstone Village I (built in 2011) and Cornerstone Village II (built in 2017) apartments are affordable options for many different people, from singles to families. Cornerstone Village II will more than double the capacity of Cornerstone Village I, adding 49 units.


Paint, sundries and supplies were purchased from Sherwin-Williams for this project and customized to Sand Companies’ specifications. We also worked with Big River Sales to utilize Titan Impact Airless Sprayers on the interior and exterior, and used our own JLG 60-foot lift to reach exterior heights.

About 3,000 gallons of Chicago High Build and SherScrub paints were used on the interior and 600 gallons of Resilience Acrylic Latex on the exterior. Resilience is extremely weather-friendly, and looks great so it’s a favorite of ours for exteriors. Chicago High Build and SherScrub are excellent choices for interior paint for apartments, as it’s extremely durable and helps keep costs low for our clients and partners.

Exterior balcony door and window.


For this four month long project, the number of team members varied. We started with two of our senior field applicators, Brett and Dewie, on the interior. From there we staff accordingly depending on the project schedule.

The exterior was also completed by a team of two, lead by senior field applicator, Mitch.


Two more challenging pieces of this project were the tight schedule for habitation – which we were able to adjust to and meet – and the unique exterior architecture. As an exterior, it posed certain challenges but we were able to complete it without any issues.

Our entire work family really stepped up to the plate for this project. We filled in as necessary, even moving outside of our trade’s scope of work to help the general contractor open the doors on time.

Why Sand Companies Chose Colorful Concepts Painting

Sand Companies knows Colorful Concepts Painting & Custom Finishing as a multi-family dwelling painting partner who can meet schedules and the demands of large projects, and even take on additional work to help alleviate scheduling changes.