Commercial Painting Project At Forsman Farms In Cokato, MN

Recently, a painting crew from Colorful Concepts led by Project Manager Chad Olson was able to help Forsman Farms in Cokato, MN put the finishing touches on a massive remodel! This commercial painting was accomplished over the course of six months with 11 different team members of varying skillsets.

Strack Construction, the main contractor and our neighbor right in Sartell, Minnesota, asked us to provide a quote.

Estimator and Project Manager Chad Olson provided insights for this article.

Forsman Farms In Cokato, MN

in progress of interior wall

Forsman Farms is a fourth-generation egg farm in Cokato, MN. Started in 1918 by Albert Forsman with 120 acres and a handful of chicks, the farm soon grew. In 1957, Norman and Mae Forsman took over the farm, growing it to 1,300 chickens and began selling eggs to local vendors and restaurants.

Between 1974-1999, the third generation of Forsman farmers –  Gary and Debbie Forsman – grew the flock to 60,000 chickens while raising three children. Now, the fourth generation – Peter Forsman and Dave Forsman – continues the tradition.

While the farm is located in the countryside between Cokato and Howard Lake, the production facility which needed painting expertise is located directly in Howard Lake.

in progress of interior

Commercial Painting Details


Chad says with a production facility of this square footage, they needed quite a volume of paint along with some specialized equipment to reach the 25-60’ heights. Some of the paint and hardware used includes:

  • Sherwin-Williams ProMar 200 used as a top coat;
  • Sherwin-Williams Pro Industrial High Performance used on all hollow metal frames/doors and structural steel; and,
  • scissor and boom lifts to reach the ceiling.

These paints were used because of their performance in a factory setting.


The bulk of the project was completed by a core crew of painters, but there were times where 11 different field applicators were working with varying skill sets. No additional partners were needed, outside of Colorful Concepts Painting and Strack Construction.


Factory Equipment

Because of the type and sensitivity of equipment used in producing eggs, special paint and care needed to be taken during work. Specialized machinery such as egg sorters, egg inspectors, crack detection, UV disinfection and conveyor belts all needed to be properly protected during painting.

Square Footage

The factory itself is quite large, and required both a large amount of people power and paint, along with equipment and trained operators to safely use the lifts while painting.

Why Strack Construction Chose Colorful Concepts Painting

Strack Construction knows Colorful Concepts Painting as a commercial painting partner who can meet schedules and the demands of large clients, and even take on additional work to help alleviate scheduling changes.