3 Color Trends To Watch In 2018

Color trends are always in flux. But whether you’re redecorating your home or coming up with ideas for a corporate space, Sherwin-Williams has released their picks for the color trends of 2018!

Let’s walk through the three palettes Sherwin-Williams has highlighted, and let us know when you’re ready to get to work with Colorful Concepts!

1. Unity

The Unity palette is meant to create a relaxed environment, but full of spontaneity. Using a base of neutral browns (i.e. Tatami Tan, Aged White, Tamarind), add accents in an array of pinks and blues (i.e. Heartthrob, Borscht, Exuberant Pink, Oceanside, In The Navy, Indigo, Adrift).

2. Connectivity

The Connectivity palette is modern and playful. With a variety of bright colors like oranges (i.e. Cavern Clay), blues (i.e. Reflecting Pool, Jay Blue, Billowy Breeze), greens (i.e. Hunt Club, Organic Green), purples (i.e. Queen Anne Lilac, Wisteria, Grape Harvest) and yellows (i.e. Overjoy), this palette will bring life and electricity into any space!

3. Sincerity

The Sincerity palette is all about minimalism. But minimalism doesn’t need to feel empty, just less structured. Create an environment where people can disconnect and think, where though flows freely. Support this with neutral colors (i.e. Alluring White, Homburg Gray, Pearl Gray), greens (i.e. Acacia Haze) and pinks (i.e. Sashay Sand, Rojo Dust) working in harmony. Let one shade blend into the next.

Thanks for walking through the color trends of 2018 with Colorful Concepts Painting, and be sure to contact us for your commercial painting needs!