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About Us

Colorful Concepts Painting is a full-service company, transforming empty and well-worn spaces into living quarters and business environments which previously only existed in dreams.

Our services are designed to bring your home or business space to life through interior and exterior painting and custom finishing. True to the finish, Colorful Concepts Painting is prepared to make your visions come to life with the latest knowledge and advanced painting techniques. For commercial painting, we’re especially experienced in healthcare, hospitality and multi-family dwellings.

Living The Dream

Taking the road less traveled is a path chosen by few and successfully journeyed by only a handful of persistent, determined and passionate voyagers. This is the story of Lynn-Briggette and Jon Boerger of Colorful Concepts Painting.

Opting out of the “family-business” and a career path already paved was a decision Jon made in the early 2000’s to pursue his passion and put his talents to use. He confidently marched into his local Hirshfield’s in Waite Park, MN and asked the experts, “What do I need to start a painting business?”

One “find-a-better-dream-kid” look said everything – he was on his own. His persistence got Colorful Concepts Painting off the ground while his determination to learn and passion for paint fueled his success.

Lynn-Briggette and Jon Boerger, owners of Colorful Concepts Painting.

Joining Forces

Lynn joined Colorful Concepts Painting and Custom Finishing in 2009, after finishing her degree at the College of Saint Benedict and meeting Jon. With Lynn’s experience volunteering with Habitat For Humanity, she quickly caught the painting bug and began to lead the business, guiding its expansion.

Studying and mastering the construction industry, Lynn pushes the company forward through building relationships with construction firms and other contractors in the industry, gaining contracts, compiling change orders and handling the day-to-day operations while Jon handles technical painting and painting staff.

Put Your Dreams In Our Hands

We’ve made our dreams come true; now let us help do the same for yours. The Colorful Concepts Painting team has the knowledge, skills and experience to execute a wide variety of painting projects.

Our goal and motto is to be “True To The Finish” for you. No matter how big the painting project is or how grand your vision is, our professional, trusted crew is ready to work hard to give you unforgettable service.

Regardless of project size and services required, Colorful Concepts Painting is the team to trust with your dream. Contact us to get started.