Employee Spotlight

Dave & Nick Linn, Our Favorite Father-Son Duo!

This month we are spotlighting our favorite father-son duo, Dave and Nick Linn! Dave is a senior field applicator and Nick is a general laborer. With Nick heading back to school, we decided to ask them each a few questions about being a part of the team. With Dave’s favorite activity being golfing and Nick’s being hanging out with friends, we quickly became acquainted with just how likeminded these two are – especially when it comes to why this duo represents Colorful Concepts Painting so perfectly and why we love them so much!

Nick appreciates Colorful Concepts Painting for being an employer who understands that their employees have personal lives outside of work. He says the best part about his job is learning a trade that he will always be able to use. He says that, “If you work hard, people (at Colorful Concepts Painting) notice and you will be rewarded.” Dave’s favorite part about work is that there is no stress if you get your job done. Dave says Colorful Concepts Painting is a great place to work because, “they value your point of view, they are easy to talk to about concerns, and hard workers are guaranteed a job.”

We asked both Dave and Nick what “True to the Finish” means to them. Dave answered, “You work until you’re finished with the job and everyone is happy with the work.” Coincidentally, Nick answered, “Going beyond the expected job and making sure the client received a great result from our hard work.” Dave and Nick live our value of pride in workmanship to the fullest. Their commitment to this value is why Colorful Concepts Painting is what it is – because of the incredible people who represent us!

We are very fortunate and honored to have Dave and Nick represent Colorful Concepts Painting! Dave, do you have any other sons?

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