Multi-Family Dwellings

Colorful Concepts Painting & Custom Finishing, Inc. specializes in commercial painting services including multi-family dwellings. Working with partner firms like Quad City Contracting, Sand Companies, Voronyak Builders and Lumber One, we’ve brought top-tier multi-family dwelling painting to a number of developments across the Midwest. With Lumber One we’ve recently partnered on projects like the Medina Townhomes, Cambridge Town Square and more.

As a trusted firm, our partners know we can meet the schedules and demands of large clients as well as take on extra work to alleviate any schedule changes while maintaining the quality they expect from us.

When you need the best multi-family dwelling painting in the industry, don’t just call anyone, call Colorful Concepts!

Multi-Family Dwelling Industry Experience

Businesses in the multi-family dwelling industry we can service include:

  • duplexes;
  • townhouses;
  • apartments;
  • mixed-use buildings; and more.

Multi-Family Dwelling Painting Services

When choosing a multi-family dwelling painting service for your next project, consider what a painting partner can do for you.

At Colorful Concepts, we ensure your interior and exterior color, style and finish match the design you’ve painstakingly created for your community. Whether we’re assisting you with single townhouse refurbishments, a multi-building campus facelift or new construction, count on us.


For refurbishments and facelifts, you’re likely going to have residents around at all hours. We’re more than able to flex our schedules around your business needs, whether you need us to work daytime, overnight or on the weekend – we’ll make it work.

Our goal is to deliver unparalleled quality for your multi-family dwelling painting project. You’ll always know what to expect with Colorful Concepts.

Choose Colorful Concepts, Your Experienced Multi-Family Dwelling Painting Choice!

Our team is excited to learn what we can do for you. We’ll be there for you, from set-up to tear-down, and are just a phone call away whenever you need us. We’re happy to be your choice for expert multi-family dwelling painting across the entire Midwest!