Local Painter Tips: Choosing The Right Finish

You might know what color you want for your home or business, but have you thought about what kind of finish you need? Finishes come in a range of options, from extremely shiny to flat. Let’s take a look at all of the finishes available from professional, local painters.

Paint Finishes

GlossKitchen - Minnetonka Townhome

Gloss is the most durable and easiest to clean of all finishes. Local painters know it’s great for cabinets, trim and doors, but will show every flaw on a wall. Gloss is hard, ultra-shiny and light reflecting.



Semi-gloss is nearly as durable as gloss, and is great for areas like kitchens, bathrooms, chairs and trim. Semi-gloss is great for areas which take a lot of abuse, or are prone to moisture and grease.



Satin is great for high-traffic areas, but it shows flaws in the rolling or brushing process so it’s best to use an experienced, local painter if you use this finish. Satin is fairly easy to clean, and is durable for use in family rooms, foyers, hallways and other high-traffic areas.


EggshellDining Room - Minnetonka Townhome

Eggshell isn’t as strong as satin would be, but has a nice, soft, velvety appearance. It’s great for kitchens and bathrooms, and offers good resistance to moisture and grime.



Matte is the dullest (least shiny) of all finishes. It’s low luster and smoothness is desirable in hallways, walls, bedrooms, living rooms and more because it’s easy to touch up and hides imperfections well. It also doesn’t reflect as much light as the other finishes.

Good luck out there, and contact us if you need a professional, local painting partner!