Commercial Painting Project | Country Inn & Suites · Indianola, IA

The team at Colorful Concepts Painting was lucky enough to be able to work with Country Inn & Suites on their new location in Indianola, Iowa. This commercial painting project was bid out in summer 2016, but painting didn’t begin until about January. Our Senior Field Painter Brett Ness led the team.

Sand Construction, the main contractor and our neighbor right in St. Cloud, Minnesota, specifically asked us to provide a quote because of our ability to work within their and the client’s schedule.

Colorful Concepts Painting’s Owner and Vice President of Sales and Operations Jon Boerger along with Brett provided insights for this article.

Part of the breakfast bar after we finished painting

Country Inn & Suites In Indianola, IA

Country Inn & Suites wanted to open a new 71-room hotel in Indianola, IA to serve the community there as well as those visiting Des Moines, just 15 minutes to the north on U.S. Highway 65. The hotel is located at 501 E. Trail Ridge Avenue.

Country Inn & Suites is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota and is one of seven brands within the Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group. As a leader in the upper midscale hotel segment, they wanted a commercial painting partner who could provide high quality services within a tight construction timeframe, working around and with other contractors.

New hotels built by Country Inn & Suites have an extremely modern look with plenty of amenities, and we were able to help choose products which complimented those values. They opened in May.

Commercial Painting Details


Jon says with a four-story hotel, they utilized 60-foot aerial booms to reach the exterior. For paint and stain, there were a few key products used:

  • Sherwin-Williams SherScrub acrylic latex was used on the interior walls, while Sherwin-Williams High Build systems were used on the interior ceilings, totalling 1800 gallons;
  • Sherwin-Williams WoodScapes semi-transparent stain was used on all of the raw wood in the trellis and car port; and,
  • Sherwin-Williams Resilience acrylic latex was used on the exterior, totaling 125 gallons.

These paints were used because of their performance in this industry and in the expected traffic volume and type.

The building front after we finished painting.


“We are fortunate to have an extremely hard working, dedicated team,” Jon says.

The bulk of the project was completed by two painters, though there were periods of time where additional laborers and painters were brought in by us to complete additional work. Specialty applicators for vinyl wall coverings were also brought in.

“Our team worked hard to get the interior and exterior painting done on time and to high standards,” Jon added. “This was the first new build Generation 4 hotel we’ve worked on with Country Inn & Suites, so there were some challenges. We’ve done upgrades to bring other Country Inn & Suites up to Generation 4 standards previously.”

The team also worked closely with the Sherwin-Williams supplier in Des Moines and United Rentals in Des Moines for access to a local aerial boom lift.


New Design

“Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group recently updated the looks of the Country Inn & Suites, so the ownership was very involved and some changes needed to be made during construction,” Jon says. “Generation 4 is a relatively new design, and this is the first new construction we’ve done with this design.”

Redoing Other Contractors’ Work

Jon also mentioned the drywall contractor on this project left a wave in their mudding of the ceiling on the 3rd and 4th floor. The Colorful Concepts team stayed the weekend and even brought in additional laborers and painters to repair the work and stay on schedule.

Why Sand Construction Chose Colorful Concepts Painting

Sand Construction knows Colorful Concepts Painting as a commercial painting partner who can meet schedules and the demands of large clients, and even take on additional work to help alleviate scheduling changes.

“Sand Construction demands a high level of quality, and they know we can deliver,” Jon says.