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Home Maintenance Challenges

How professionals handle home maintenance challenges

Home maintenance is something which must be done, and hiring a professional like Colorful Concepts Painting allows your home to really transform back into its former glory.

Our team of experts have helped thousands of homeowners across central Minnesota, west central Minnesota, the Brainerd Lakes area and the west Metro get the most out of their homes and restore them to even better than their original state! We help with interior painting, exterior painting, staining, cabinet painting, furniture painting, wood care maintenance, wood care finishing, and all sorts of prefinishing work!

We perform more services than just these, but take a look at how we specifically help maintain and repair your home below and then contact us to get help with your home maintenance projects today!

Home Maintenance

Wallpaper Removal/Installation

Whether it’s wallpaper in shades of orange from the 70s which needs to be removed or you’re interested in trying out some trendy new contemporary wallpaper designs in your powder room or living room, our experts can help.

Wallpaper is right for some spaces and not for others and the type of wallpaper you choose is a major factor. We help you choose the right paper and we design its use for the space you have in mind.

Drywall & Plaster Repair

Drywall repair is an art form. Depending on the size of the damage, it may be as simple as applying spackle and sanding it down before touching it up with paint; or it may be more complicated, requiring replacement drywall cut to fit, with patching materials and supporting wood furring strips.

Plaster repair presents an extra challenge with the wood lathes. Generally, the lathes all need to be reattached in an area surrounding the crack, either with screws and metal washers or an adhesive. Once the lathes are reattached, the actual repair process can begin, with any cracks being repaired with a joint compound.

Hardwood Floor Finishing & Staining

We remove furniture from the area and come in with professional grade sanding equipment. Our goal is to progressively sand down the current stain and/or finish with finer and finer grain sandpaper until we’re down to the wood.

Once the floor has been sanded edge-to-edge, we clean the area meticulously to prevent inconsistencies in the stain and/or finish. Then we work through the room, applying a sealer if needed and then the stain and/or finish.

Power Washing & Wood Brightening

We can power wash and brighten the wood on any deck, made with any type of wood. We use a power washer of appropriate power to remove dirt and contaminants in the wood while not damaging the wood. We can also apply a deck stripper at the same time to remove the current stain and/or finish if needed. Before starting, we’ll take measures to protect your plants and home from any contact with the deck stripper.

Once we’ve washed the deck, we’ll do any maintenance on it which needs to be done, spray on a wood brightener, then stain and/or finish it.

Media Blasting & Acid Washing

Blasting is an excellent tool to use to restore surfaces to their original condition so you can start over with fresh paint, stain or whatever you choose to do! It can transform nearly any surface. Chemicals, paint, rust and stains are just a few of the things we can remove through blasting. It can also be used to shape and smooth out surfaces in preparation for painting.

Acid washing is great for restoring wood which has been bleached by the sun. We let the acid solution soak into the wood without scrubbing until the wood is completely dry, then rinse the deck with water to remove excess solution. The deck will need to dry for a few days before a stain and/or finish can be applied.


Whether you have current furniture or cabinets you need antiqued, or have your eye on some new ones you’d like to see done, our team can handle it. The piece does need to be solid wood or wood veneer; laminated surfaces will not work.

We handle antiquing the wood and the hardware associated with it and we can help you determine the style you’re looking for.

Advantages To Choosing Colorful Concepts Painting

Having an expert at your beck and call is always a distinct advantage. Our home maintenance professionals have years of industry knowledge and skill to make your next project #TrueToTheFinish.

Our crew will advise you through the entire process to make sure it’s exactly what you want. Plus, we do all of the hard work for you, saving you time and effort, getting you back to living your life faster.

Give us a call, or fill out a form for a free estimate, we’re happy to talk with you about your next home maintenance project!

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