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The Colors of 2023

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Get ready 2023! Our #TrueToTheFinish monthly colors are better than ever!

Stay tuned for our monthly announcements! These hand-selected colors are guaranteed to provide you with inspiration for your upcoming painting projects!

Winter Wonderland

December's Color of the Month

Blank Canvas

Create Your Cozy

November's Color of the Month

Redend Point

Inspired by Crisp, Colorful Days

October's Color of the Month

Orchid Ash

Embracing the Beauty of Fall

September's Color of the Month

Poetry Plum

Golden Hour Glow

August's Color of the Month

Restrained Gold

Blushing Hard

July's Color of the Month

Raspberry Blush

Embrace The Extra Burst of Summer Glory

June's Color of the Month

Vining Ivy

Hello Glorious Grey!

May's Color of the Month

Grey Suit

April Showers Bring Amazing Colors

April's Color of the Month

Ripe Apricot

March Madness

March's Color of the Month

Wine Dark

Roses are red and we are swooning!

February's Color of the Month

Spanish Moss

Coming in hot!

January's Color of the Month

Moody Fig


Having a paint expert by your side is always an advantage! Our professional painters have years of industry knowledge and skill. Whether it's your home or office space, we diligently work with you along the way to ensure your painting project is completed exactly how you want!

If you're interested in exploring any of these colors in your own space, be sure to contact us or fill out our form for a free estimate! We're happy to help in whatever capacity your painting project needs!

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