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Why You Should Hire Professional Painters

As you consider hiring a painting company, the process of choosing the right one might seem a little overwhelming. By knowing why professional painters are an excellent choice, you’ll be in a prime position to ensure that the painting performed in your home or business meets your standards.


Free Estimate

To start off, with professional painters, you should get a free estimate! No professional painter should be charging you to take a look at your home or business. They want to work with you, and will easily travel to you within a reasonable distance to inspect the project.

At Colorful Concepts, we’re ready to travel to you for a free estimate. Request your free estimate or give us a call today!


You should be able to trust your painting hire 100%. They should prove to you that they’re able to handle your project and give you the exact results you’re looking for.

At Colorful Concepts, we’ve proven ourselves as professional painters through thousands of homes and hundreds of commercial projects across the Midwest with great building partners.

Choosing Colors

Choosing Colors: Your painter should be your partner. Whether you have an exact vision of what your new space will be, or you need assistance choosing colors, textures, finishes and more, professional painters should work with you to create that vision and/or bring it to life!


After your project is finished, only amateurs leave a mess behind. Professional painters cleanup the entire space, and if it’s your home they’ll place any furniture back if they were required to move it as well.


Don’t settle for anything less! Choose Colorful Concepts Painting and stay #TrueToTheFinish


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