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Women in Construction

In case you missed it:

A couple of weeks ago was Women in Construction week - and the entire week was a great success! We were able to recognize the efforts of the construction industry as a whole and relish in our own successful impact of growing the number of women in the construction industry.

Women in Construction week was founded by the National Association of Women in Construction to help bring women in the industry together. The NAWIC's focus is to bring awareness to the idea and role of women in the construction industry and how important it can be for women to see construction as a successful career opportunity.

With continued focus, we wanted to provide perspective for the direction of the industry, share some #TrueToTheFinish insight on what it is like being a woman the construction industry, and leave you with a few of our favorite moments from conversations we had with some of our incredible team members!

Fun Fact:

In the US, women make up roughly 10% of the total number of workers in the construction industry. Here at Colorful Concepts Painting, we’re proud to share that 30% of our workforce is women.

We are committed to creating an environment where women thrive and growing that number too!

Fun Fact:

Only 13% of construction companies are owned by women.

We are proud to represent a woman owned business and be a part of that 13%.

Being a woman owned business, we decided to ask our owner Lynn Boerger - an advocate and leader for introducing women into the industry - for insight on what she shares with new women entering the the construction world!

"Keep showing up. You belong here".

Now that's powerful.

We also learned that more and more women are recognizing the diverse opportunities and earning potential the construction field has to offer!

We want to continue to shed light on the varying levels of careers the construction industry provides and encourage women to acknowledge how their unique skill sets can provide a rewarding career!

It is no wonder that construction companies are looking to recruit more women than ever before to bring their unique skill sets into the field!

Elaborating on the range of opportunities the construction industry has to offer, we asked Katie, a project coordinator in our office, for her perspective on what she thinks makes her good at her job.

She shared,

"I'm very organized and detail orientated. Though I love structure and processes, I think another good quality I have is that I like trying new things. I've learned that if your'e not open to change you will be less likely to succeed, you need to build a strong foundation - insert my favorite templates and procedures here - but keep that top layer open and fluid."

To accompany a unique skill set, we asked Elizabeth, one of our #TrueToTheFinish field painters, why she enjoys being in the construction industry.

She shared, "this industry is full of competition. It pushes me to do better."

Do you want to join our #TrueToTheFinish team? We welcome any application from someone with a passion and a strong work ethic! Contact us or apply today!


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