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Welcome to the industry, ladies!

It's women in construction week and we're celebrating all women this month - especially those in the construction industry!

Finance & Commerce shared an article last week (March 2, 2022) sharing how women are finding that building trades are becoming more and more welcoming!

Women represented 47% of the overall workforce in 2021 and only 11% of construction workers.

So with this week being women in construction week, we're excited to share some of our favorite stats from the industry and how our contributions are helping pave the way for future women interested in joining this great industry!

Here's data pulled from The US Bureau of Labor Force Statistics from the Current Population Survey

  • There are an estimated 556,000 painters in the US. Roughly 8.9% of them (49,484) are women.

  • In Minnesota, there are 3,750 painters (US Bureau of Labor Statistics May 2020 State Occupational Employment and Wage Estimates). So, if we break this down and apply the federal percentages to the Minnesota numbers, there are roughly 333 female painters in the state - which is less than 1%.

Here's where our efforts shine:

  • At Colorful Concepts Painting, women make up 21% of our field employees. We have 4 women field painters and 1 of them is in the highest level of field management at our company!

  • Our company as a whole has 25 full time employees. 7 of them are women making up 28% of our workforce.

  • Women represent 50% of our leadership team. In the United States, construction manager positions are filled by only 8.6% of women.

  • We have 50% representation at "supervisory level" and above.

"I'm really proud of us and what we do to make sure we keep the door open!" - Lynn Boerger, President

There is so much progress being made as women continue to build their presence in the industry, and there is still a lot of room for improvement! Being a part of the 13% of construction-related companies that are owned by women, we're excited to continue leading the way towards improvement.


Are you or is anyone you know interested in learning more about career opportunities in the construction industry? Our #TrueToTheFinish family welcomes any application from someone with a passion and a strong work ethic! Contact us or apply online today!


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