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Wood Care Maintenance: Is It Time?

How can anyone tell if it is time for Wood Restoration?

At Colorful Concepts, we've been doing wood restoration on log homes for 15 years. We know it's important to keep a maintenance schedule up, and we only use the highest quality products in our work.

Let's look at a few ways you can tell if it's time for wood restoration on your log home.


How to tell if your log home needs wood restoration

Every year during the spring or summer you, or preferably a professional wood restoration company, should examine your log home for the following:

  • Rot/Mold: When logs have mold on them or start to rot, there is a point where it may be unsalvageable. A professional wood restoration company should be able to extract the log and replace it with another, then match the stain and finish to surrounding logs.

  • Fading: A maintenance coat of stain or finish should be applied every 3-5 years, so keep an eye on whether any fading is occurring around both the exterior and interior of your log home.

  • Failing Seals/Chinking: If you notice your chinking is not staying in place, there is likely moisture behind the chinking, which means it needs to be replaced.

  • Dull/Dirty: When logs appear dull and have lost their shine, or are collecting dirt, fungus or mildew, it's time for wood restoration!


Time cannot be stopped and neither can weather. With restoration services we can reverse the signs of aging and damage from weather events. If you do not currently have an annual maintenance program in place, we highly suggest you do so. An annual wash and examination will catch any issues early, and a maintenance coat of finish or stain should be applied every 3-5 years.

What is Recommended:

  • Annual exterior power washing with detergent

  • Annual exterior inspection of wood surfaces, caulking, and coating

  • Annual exterior inspection for weather, sun, or insect damage

  • Regular coating of handrail systems and decks

  • Regular coating of entire exterior

Where can our #TrueToTheFinish experts help?

  • Log Replacement and Matching

  • Exterior and Interior Finishing and Staining

  • Log Sealing and Chinking

  • Power Washing and Wood Brightening

  • Media Blasting

  • Preservation Techniques

  • Maintenance Programs


Contact one of our #TrueToTheFinish experts today to book your services!

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