Residential painting back deck of log house

Log Home Restoration

A log home or cabin is a refuge, a unique, beautiful place to call your own. So when your log home needs some exterior or interior care, contact Colorful Concepts Painting, your professional, trusted log home restoration service. We’ve provided log home restoration services to many happy clients over the years.

Our goal and motto is to be “True To The Finish” for you and your family. No matter how big your log home restoration is or how grand your vision is, our professional, trusted crew is ready to work hard to give you unforgettable service.

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Professional Partners For Your Log Home Restoration

At Colorful Concepts Painting, we work hard to bring log homes back to life. Our crew loves restoring the natural beauty of log homes, using professional methods to match the stain and style you love.

We use top-of-the-line, industry preferred products like Perma-Chink, Cabot, Sikkens, Sansin, WoodScapes and others to provide you with results which will “Wow” you! These products, along with the other equipment we use, are designed specifically for log homes to keep your home looking it’s best, as well as preserve the structural integrity of your home and prevent costly repairs.

Log Home Restoration Services

The Colorful Concepts crew, led by owner Jon Boerger, specializes in log home restoration, from replacement of entire logs to matching your current finish. Here are just some of the professional services we provide to you.

Log replacement and matching

If you have a problem log which has started to rot or mold and can’t be part of your home any longer, we have special equipment which can extract the log and replace it with another. We professionally match the stain and finish to the surrounding logs.

Exterior and interior finishing and staining

We can match your existing stain and finish, or, if you’d like, we can remove your current choices and go in a different direction. For best results, a maintenance coat should be applied every 3-5 years.

Log sealing and chinking

We use only the highest quality products in the log home restoration business to make sure your logs are sealed and chinked perfectly. A huge variety of colors and types are available, depending on your log type and color.

Power washing and wood brightening

To extend the life of your log home, the exterior should be power washed every year in the spring or summer. We also use professional grade wood brighteners to give your home a visual boost. Our cleaning process will remove any dirt, fungus or mildew.

Media blasting

While many log home restoration services use grain or corn blasting, we use media blast, which is glass based. Grain or corn blasting can lead to an increased chance of mold, so we think it is important to use media blasting.

Preservation techniques

After cleaning, we can apply a preservative to protect your log home from insects, fungus and rot.

Maintenance programs

We offer different maintenance programs to take the worry out of caring for your log home or cabin. Your home should be washed and examined every year during the spring or summer, and a maintenance coat applied every 3-5 years.

Choose Colorful Concepts, Your National Log Home Restoration Experts!

Our team is excited to learn what your vision for your log home restoration is. We’ll be there for you, from set-up to tear-down, and are just a phone call away whenever you need us. We’re happy to be your choice for log home restoration across the nation.

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