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Restoration services aren’t just for museum pieces. Your home needs care and attention from time to time as well. At Colorful Concepts, our team of restoration experts are ready to care for your home, whether it’s a striking modern house or a beautiful log cabin, we have the skills and techniques needed to provide restoration services to your home.

Time cannot be stopped and neither can the weather. However, with restoration services we can reverse the signs of aging and damage from weather events.

Hail, wind, rain, sun, rot and more can damage the exterior and even the interior of your home. Our professional restoration services team can restore your home while keeping the same charm and character your property always had. If you like, we can spruce it up as well, making it look and feel new again!

Contact us to learn how we can help you today.

Log Home Restoration:

A log home or cabin is a refuge, a unique, beautiful place to call your own. So when your log home needs some exterior or interior care, contact Colorful Concepts Painting, your professional, trusted log home restoration service. We’ve provided log home restoration services to many happy clients over the years.


Log Home Restoration Services: our True To The Finish team specializes in log home restoration, from the replacement of entire logs to matching your current finish. Here are some of the professional services we provide for you:

  • Log Replacement and Matching: If you have a problem log which has started to rot or mold and can’t be part of your home any longer, we have special equipment which can extract the log and replace it with another. We professionally match the stain and finish to the surrounding logs.

  • Exterior and Interior Finishing and Staining: We can match your existing stain and finish, or, if you’d like, we can remove your current choices and go in a different direction. For best results, a maintenance coat should be applied every 3-5 years.

  • Log Sealing and Chinking: We use only the highest quality products in the log home restoration business to make sure your logs are sealed and chinked perfectly. A huge variety of colors and types are available, depending on your log type and color.

  • Power Washing and Wood Brightening: To extend the life of your log home, the exterior should be power washed every year in the spring or summer. We also use professional grade wood brighteners to give your home a visual boost. Our cleaning process will remove any dirt, fungus or mildew.

  • Media Blasting: While many log home restoration services use grain or corn blasting, we use media blast, which is glass based. Grain or corn blasting can lead to an increased chance of mold, so we think it is important to use media blasting.

  • Preservation Techniques: After cleaning, we can apply a preservative to protect your log home from insects, fungus and rot.

  • Maintenance Programs*: We offer different maintenance programs to take the worry out of caring for your log home or cabin. Your home should be washed and examined every year during the spring or summer, and a maintenance coat applied every 3-5 years.

Home Maintenance:

Home Maintenance: Life happens. Hardwood floors get scuffed, drywall gets damaged and decks need refinishing. Let the professionals at Colorful Concepts painting restore your home to its glory. At Colorful Concepts, we know how important it is to work with a contractor you can trust for your home maintenance project, so we pride ourselves on being a local crew of professionals who can help family houses become homes again. Contact Us Today, or request a free estimate to get started!


Home Maintenance: More Than Just a Fresh Coat of Paint: we have seen a lot of different homes over the years and have helped many families with their home maintenance projects. Here are a few ways we can help you:

  • Wallpaper removal and installation

  • Drywall and plaster repair

  • Hardwood floor finishing and staining

  • Floor Epoxying

  • Power washing and wood brightening

  • Deck finishing

  • Media blasting and acid washing

  • Cedar Shake Finishing

  • Cabinet Finishing and Enameling

  • Antiquing

Chose Colorful Concepts Painting, Your National Log Home Restoration Experts! Our team is excited to learn what your vision for your log home restoration is. We’ll be there for you, from set-up to tear-down, and are just a phone call away whenever you need us. We’re happy to be your choice for log home restoration across the nation.

Timber Replacement: 

Timber Replacement: There are many reasons your timbers may need to be replaced: Whether termites or rot have gotten the best of your timbers or your exterior has suffered damage from hail, snow or ice, we can help you be content in your home again knowing it looks as beautiful now as it did when it was first built!




Your home sets your mood. So if the paint on your deck is peeling, your log cabin finish is sunburnt, or your cement patio is stained, it’s time to talk to the experts. At Colorful Concepts Painting, we’re proud to be the professional, trusted choice to blast away paint, stains, rust, and other surface issues to start restoration services.

Different Types of Blasting: At Colorful Concepts Painting, we love to see the results of any restoration project. And it usually begins with professional-grade blasting.

There are many different types of materials we could use to blast away paint, rust, etc., but we use glass. Glass is sterile, so, unlike grain or corn-based blasting, there is no chance for mold on the parts of your home we blast.

  • Uses: 

    • Blasting is an excellent tool to use to restore surfaces to their original condition so you can start over with fresh paint, stain or whatever you choose to do! It can transform nearly any surface.

    • Chemicals, paint, rust, and stains are just a few of the things we can remove through blasting. It can also be used to shape and smooth out surfaces in preparation for painting.

    • Removing the top layer is typically just the first phase of a restoration or refinishing project, so trust the experts to set a good foundation for the rest of your renovation.

  • Alternatives: Besides blasting, we also offer acid washing and sanding to clean surfaces. Sometimes, due to space constraints blasting isn’t possible, or it’s just not your preferred method, so we do have these alternatives available.

Choose Colorful Concepts Painting, your national blasting experts!

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