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The Colors of 2021

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Our #TrueToTheFinish painting team is excited to officially commence our "Color of the Month" initiative for 2021!

For each month, we will be introducing a new, specifically selected paint color! There will be a different color that represents what is trending for each individual month.

Finishing 2021 Strong

December's Color of the Month: Cascades

November Glory

November's Color of the Month: Scotch Blue

October Vibes!

October's Color of the Month: Preference Red

Get ready for Fall!

September's Color of the Month: Rookwood Terra Cotta

We are obsessing!

August's Color of the Month: Pale Apricot

Summer Loving!

July's Color of the Month: Aegean Teal

September Skies in June? Yes please!

June's Color of the Month: September Skies

Life is Better with Blue!

May's Color of the Month: Simple Serenity

All of the Gray!

April's Color of the Month: Thundercloud Gray

Ready to swoon?

March's Color of the Month: Empower

We are full of love with

February's Color of the Month: Urbane Bronze

We kicked off the new year with

January's Color of the Month: Marshmallow


Having a paint expert by your side is always an advantage! Our professional painters have years of industry knowledge and skill. We diligently work with you along the way to ensure your painting project is completed exactly how you want! Give us a call, we're happy to help in whatever capacity your painting project needs!

Be sure to stay tuned for next month's color announcement! We will post the “Color” within the first 7 Days of each month.


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