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How to Find the Perfect Commercial Painter

Finding the perfect commercial painter for your business is a process. It’s important to find a company you can work easily with, but gets the job done right and on time.

So what criteria can you use to find the perfect fit? We’ve gathered a few tips for you, to help guide you through the process of finding not only a qualified commercial painter, but one that fits your needs exactly.

Check Reviews

Reviews are one of the most important ways to determine how a business performs as well as how they treat their clients. If possible, find reviews for the commercial painters you’re interested in on popular sites with pages the company administers, such as a Facebook page, Houzz profile or on their Google listing.

Some companies – like Colorful Concepts Painting – will go so far as to collect reviews from around the web and host them on their website so you can easily access them. It certainly makes your job much easier, rather than having to hop from website to website!

Find One Who Will Respect Your Space

You’re not hiring a painter for your home or shed, where only you and your family are inconvenienced by painting equipment and how long the project takes; you’re running a business, and have your own customers and clients to keep in mind.

You don’t want a commercial painter who is known for tracking in dirt, or not properly cleaning up after themselves. An orderly, respectful painter will go a long way toward improving your experience. This goes hand-in-hand with reviews, but it can also take a phone call or face-to-face conversation to determine.

Check The Commercial Painter’s Flexibility

As a business owner, you should be sure to find a commercial painter who is flexible enough to paint at times which are convenient for you. You shouldn’t have to shut your business down for a day or a week to have it painted; the painter should be willing to work around your schedule and not their own.

Look For Experience

And of course, you’ll want to find a commercial painter with a lot of experience. A company without a website, or without a strong social media presence probably doesn’t have the manpower needed to handle a significant project.

Also be sure to check out their photos either on their website, on Houzz, Pinterest, Facebook or other sites to see if they’ve documented their work on other commercial buildings or businesses, and whether you like what they’ve done.

With that said, please be sure to learn more about our #TrueToTheFinish team by visiting our website, check out our reviews, stop by our Houzz as well as our Pinterest and Facebook pages, and contact us for your commercial painting needs!


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