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Transforming Scenic State Park: A Colorful Journey through Woodcare Maintenance

Hello there!

We, at Colorful Concepts Painting, are excited to share our recent project at the charming Scenic State Park Cabin and Sanitation Building. Collaborating with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (MNDNR), we used our extensive expertise in woodcare maintenance, demonstrating what is possible when you combine innovation, environmental stewardship, and a SWIFT contract with the MN Department of Administration.

We selected superior products like Sherwin William's DTM, Exterior Resilience, and Woodscapes Solid Colored Stain to ensure a spectacular and long-lasting finish for the park's buildings.

Our Woodcare Maintenance Process

Step 1: Power Washing

To ensure the best results, we started by thoroughly power washing the cabin and sanitation building. This process not only removes large debris but prepares the surface for the application of the Simple Green exterior cleaner. After allowing the cleaner to work its magic for 10-15 minutes, we conducted a second power wash to thoroughly prepare the surface for coating.

Step 2: Caulking and Chinking

Next, we examined the areas around windows, doors, horizontal and vertical joints, and various penetrations such as vents and louvers. Anywhere we found recessed or failed caulking, we replaced it using the trusted Woodsmen Caulking from PermaChink Systems. We also took care of areas with failed chinking by applying new acrylic-based PermaChink.

Step 3: Surface Preparation

We then moved on to surface prep, a critical stage in achieving the highest quality finish. Wherever the coating had weathered away or was poorly adhered, we meticulously spot-sanded these areas and primed them using Sherwin Williams Multi-Purpose Acrylic Primer. We also applied PermaChink Wood Balm to logs or timbers showing signs of weathering.

Step 4: Site Preparation for Application

With the substrates cleaned and prepared, it was time to get the site ready for the application of the product. We carefully taped off and protected windows, doors, and signs not receiving any coating. We also safeguarded concrete sidewalks and landscaping by covering them with canvas drops.

Step 5: Application of Product

Following site prep, we applied Sherwin Williams "Woodscapes" in a solid-colored stain to the substrate thoroughly, ensuring a generously coated and vibrant finish. We also took care to add additional coats to the south and west sides of the buildings, which bear the brunt of direct sunlight.

Additionally, all the log/timber ends were treated with one coat of PermAChink Systems End Seal, while hollow metal doors and frames were coated with Sherwin Williams D.T.M. Wood frames and already painted substrates received a layer of Sherwin Williams Resilience Exterior Acrylic.

Step 6: Site Completion and Cleanup

Our final step was to ensure a clean and tidy finish. We removed all prep work, performed a final site walk, created a punch list, and completed the touch-ups. As part of our commitment to customer satisfaction, we provided additional products for future touch-ups.

We are proud to be part of the restoration and maintenance of the Scenic State Park's buildings, contributing to the preservation of our natural and architectural heritage. If you have a similar project in mind or just want to chat about the amazing potential of professional woodcare maintenance, we'd love to hear from you.

Join us at Colorful Concepts Painting as we continue to redefine the industry standards for professional painting and woodcare maintenance services.


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