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Living the Dream

Updated: May 11, 2022


Who We Are


We are extremely proud of our reputation of being aggressive, fearless, and committed to our promises. Our commitment to working harder and better to make your dreams come true is our driver to deliver. We’re organized, proactive in our approach, fair with changes, and we pay particular attention to procedures. Our strength derives from our size. We are deliberate in being small so that we can focus on doing things quickly, without sacrificing the integrity of our work so you get the best results in the shortest amount of time. The fact that we’re small, is what makes us BIG.

Proudly painting for two decades, Colorful Concepts Painting is capable to complete any project in any capacity or scope from pre-finishing to specialty finishing, from interior finishes to wood coatings. This attribute comes directly from our founder and owner, Jon Boerger. His entrepreneurial spirit and persistent, can-do-anything attitude was developed at a young age. Growing up, Jon was actively involved in the family business where he was exposed to building trust, learning relationships, and operating a business. This developed mentality is what catapulted him into the trade of coating. Twenty years ago, he had a couple key things happen. First, he had a vendor take him under his wing and give him the foundation he needed to steer him in the right direction and refer him to additional clients. Second, and most importantly, he was fortunate enough to find a mentor who was a skilled tradesman with extensive knowledge in wood care to teach him everything. With this duo, Jon was able to jump start the business and began building a name for Colorful Concepts Painting. 

After joining forces with Lynn and living the dream of owning a family business, this team continues to develop these founding aspects and instill them throughout the company with their mission statement and values. Today, Jon’s role in the company is leading the sales team with a focus on customers and a knack for problem solving while Lynn is in charge of all the daily operations bringing this team to all new heights.


What We Do


Residential Painting

We want you to be excited and happy in your home after our residential painting crew finishes. At Colorful Concepts, we know how important quality, long-lasting paint is to you. That’s why we exclusively use Sherwin-Williams, Hirshfield and Benjamin Moore paints in our residential painting projects. 


  • painting

  • enameling

  • staining

  • cabinet finishing

  • enameling

  • color and style selection advice

  • power washing and wood brightening

  • deck finishing

  • media blasting and acid washing

  • cedar shake finishing

  • and more


  • painting

  • enameling

  • antiquing

  • staining

  • cabinet finishing and enameling

  • color and style selection advice

  • texturing

  • wallpaper removal and installation

  • drywall and plaster repair

  • hardwood floor finishing and staining

  • floor epoxying

  • and more

Commercial Painting

We know each industry and company has its own style, personality and needs when it comes to commercial interior painting, and we’ve proven ourselves ready to step up and make our clients shine. We use the finest brands of materials to ensure top-notch results.

Exterior & Interior

  • painting

  • enameling

  • antiquing;

  • staining – custom stain matching

  • gel staining

  • texturing

  • wallpaper removal and installation

  • drywall and plaster repair

  • floor epoxying; and more


Our prefinish workshop is outfitted with the latest finishing equipment which helps our talented crew provide a durable, consistent and even finish every time. All products are carefully prepped, thoroughly inspected, sanded, cleaned and finished to your desired color.

We use only the highest quality primers, paints, stains and glazes in our prefinish processes, which are specifically formulated for the environment they will be applied in and for the material they will be applied to.

We’re your prefinish experts:

  • Trim

  • Moulding

  • Crown Moulding

  • Wall Paneling

  • Cabinetry

  • Posts

  • Beams

  • Flooring

  • Ceiling

  • Siding


We have been doing wood restoration on homes for 15 years! We use the highest quality products in our work providing maintenance services and restoration services that can reverse the signs of aging and damage from weather events.

Where our experts can help:

  • Log Replacement and Matching

  • Exterior and Interior Finishing and Staining

  • Log Sealing and Chinking

  • Power Washing and Wood Brightening

  • Media Blasting

  • Preservation Techniques

  • Maintenance Programs

What is recommended: 

  • Annual exterior power washing with detergent

  • Annual exterior inspection of wood surfaces, culking, and coating

  • Annual exterior inspection for weather, sun, or insect damage

  • Regular coating of handrail systems and decks

  • Regular coating of entire exterior


Contact one of our #TrueToTheFinish experts today to book your services!

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