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Preserving the Beauty: Log Home Restoration Services by Colorful Concepts Painting

Your log home or cabin isn't just a structure; it's your sanctuary, a reflection of your personality and style. When it's time to restore its exterior or interior, rely on Colorful Concepts Painting – your trusted log home restoration specialists. With our True To The Finish team, boasting years of experience and unwavering commitment to excellence, we're poised to rejuvenate and safeguard the allure of your treasured log retreat.

Log Home Restoration Services:

In the realm of log restoration, Colorful Concepts Painting takes the lead with our True To The Finish team. We bring forth a diverse array of services, meticulously tailored to address the distinct requirements of your home.

Here's an overview of the expert services we deliver:

  • Log Replacement and Matching: If a log in your home has succumbed to rot or mold, our special equipment can extract and replace it seamlessly. We take pride in professionally matching the stain and finish to ensure cohesion with the surrounding logs.

  • Exterior and Interior Finishing and Staining: Whether matching your existing stain and finish or opting for a new direction, our team excels in exterior and interior finishing and staining. For optimum results, we recommend a maintenance coat every 3-5 years.

  • Log Sealing and Chinking: We use only the highest quality products to seal and chink your logs perfectly. With a variety of colors and types available, we tailor our services to your log type and color preferences.

  • Power Washing and Wood Brightening: Extend the life of your log home with our annual power washing service. Our professional-grade wood brighteners give your home a visual boost, removing dirt, fungus, or mildew in the process.

  • Media Blasting: Differentiating ourselves from traditional methods, we use media blasting with a glass-based medium instead of grain or corn blasting. This ensures a thorough clean without the increased risk of mold.

  • Preservation Techniques: Following cleaning, we apply a preservative to shield your log home from insects, fungus, and rot, ensuring its longevity and resilience.

  • Maintenance Programs: Our worry-free maintenance programs are designed to keep your log home in prime condition. Regular washing and examination during the spring or summer, coupled with a maintenance coat every 3-5 years, ensure the ongoing beauty and durability of your log sanctuary.


Your log home holds special significance and warrants meticulous care. Rely on Colorful Concepts Painting and our log home restoration services to rejuvenate, safeguard, and uphold the allure of your log sanctuary. Our dedicated team of professionals is steadfast in preserving your log home's charm for years to come!

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